“I immediately felt at ease with Dounia. She truly cares about her clients and has helped me tremendously with my anxiety. I can’t recommend her enough.” 



“Thanks to Dounia I found my voice again. She helped me gain self-confidence and start living the life I want to live, without worrying about what others think of my choices. Thank you very much Dounia!”.



“My girlfriend gave me a Reiki healing session as a gift and at first I was not really interested, being a very rational person, but I still went thinking what’s the worst that can happen? I was extremely surprised by the power of energy healing! I could feel the energy flowing through my body and when the session was over I felt calmer and more relaxed. All of a sudden I had the feeling my anger disappeared. The whole process is very peaceful and Dounia knows how to put you at ease.”



“What Dounia did for me was open my eyes to my own spiritual power. I especially liked the meditation.”



"I am grateful for all the remarkable changes she assisted me with !! 

I fully trust her genuine kindness and compassion that make the sessions more reassuring. I am now more aware and grounded."



"A couple of years ago I had a knee injury and therefore had to stop running, which is something I absolutely love doing. After a couple of sessions with Dounia, I achieved amazing results! I also found out that my knee injury stems from something much deeper that I never resolved before my session with Dounia. She is a very gifted healer and I recommend anyone to go see her. Thank you again for helping me go back to running!.”



“I loved the session with Dounia. She's a very nice person and it was a special experience.”



"Dounia played a special role in my spiritual journey and helped me see the world through different lenses."


Wafa F. K.

"My experience with Dounia was one of a kind. Although I didn’t know much about holistic healing at first, when I started reading about it I was convinced that if and when I would first try it, I would reach out to her. I’ve known Dounia as a friend first and she helped me heal in so many ways as a person long before my first session with her. My session which was just a confirmation of how amazing of a healer she is. Thank you Dounia for helping me and I hope you continue to help many others."



"I never believed in healing as it was never something that was concrete enough for me to believe in. With Dounia, it was very organic; We met at the right moment, and the right setting; it felt like no coincidence, and I immediately got comfortable with the idea that I want to heal with her help. She is extremely compassionate and giving; she made me feel like I mattered, regardless of anything. She reminded me of how I saw people when I was a child; genuine, loving, compassionate, and simple; I have not felt that for humans in a long time. She gives me room and space to be whoever I want to be and to feel whatever I want to feel. We broke a lot of barriers, and for the first time, I was not scared to surrender, I was comfortable with it."



"I’ve done different kinds of healing sessions with different kinds of people. They did affect and gave me the help I needed but with Dounia and her sessions it was different, I felt different during and after our sessions. Not only because she knew what she was talking about and and knew how to guide me and work with me but also because she is connected on many energy levels. As a person, It’s not easy for me to voice or express my thoughts and feelings, they’re always filled with noise and scattered everywhere let alone deal with them. But when she is working with me in a session, there is some sort of ease. I feel that I don’t have to say much or do much for her to understand me. I didn’t have to work as much as I usually had to to express or voice my struggles and my demons. It’s like as if my energy, my thoughts , my feelings were talking to hers without words. And it’s like as if she understood them better than I do.  What I’m trying to say is that She is very well connected intuitively , energetically with the person she is working with , and for me I see that this understanding, this connection plays a bigger role than just having a session with someone who is just skilled at what they do. For me it’s not only the knowledge and the know how that makes the sessions impactful; it’s language. A language that is on a higher level than the 3D level we’re in.  A language that is understood through an experience. An experience and experiences she got me to experience. She got me to understand that language and most importantly how to speak it. And honestly , things shifted with me and affected me in so many ways after every session. In good ways. She made me realize and understand the whys. And even better, she was able to help me help myself. Helped me guide, understand, feel, realize , know and love me. She taught me a new language in a matter of 2-3 sessions and I carry it and speak it everywhere I go. I feel safe , love and trust with her."