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Image by Hayden Scott


Is your marriage or love relationship in trouble or do you feel something is off between you and your partner? Are you experiencing the below?

  • Is there a wall between you?

  • Are you feeling disconnected?

  • Are you fighting a lot about the same issues?

  • Has the passion faded away?

  • Are you no longer intimate?

  • Was the trust broken?

  • Is the communication poor?

  • Do you feel your partner doesn’t understand you?

  • Are you considering divorce but not quite there yet?


Relationships are mainly about patterns. If you're stuck in a pattern that is damaging your love relationship, you’re probably flooded with feelings of loneliness, sadness, anxiety, and anger. The negative pattern in your relationship pulls you away from your partner or spouse, and you either angrily pursue him or her, or back away and numb out to "protect" yourself. The result: your fears and insecurities about the relationship get reinforced.


Thankfully, you don’t have to stay stuck in these frustrating, hurtful patterns. 

Using proven therapeutic techniques, Dounia can teach you how to transform anger and resentment into respect, harmony and love. 

Your relationship may be one of the many that can be saved with the proper guidance! If your conflicts cannot be reconciled, therapy can assist you in leaving the relationship on good terms, allowing you to proceed with a healthier and more confident outlook. 


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