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Kundalini Activation is a spontaneous activation of Life Force Energy, which lies dormant in every single being, awakening the innate power to heal from within.

In Sanskrit, Kundalini means “coiled snake”. It’s a potent Energy that lies dormant at the base of our spine and once awakened, has a tremendous potential to increase our vibration and expand our awareness. This energy, once awakened, can be incredibly transformative and can lead to profound spiritual experiences. This Activation Process is a method for awakening this energy, allowing us to tap into our full potential and unlock our inner power.


This Energy is also known as Shakti and it’s the Divine Feminine Force in all of us (including men). It’s focused on intuition, feeling, nurturing, surrendering, receptivity, and interconnectedness. It’s all about healing and growth. It’s like a deep river within us that flows freely and knows how to surrender and receive.


During a Kundalini Activation session, this is exactly what happens; one simply surrenders and opens up to receiving the healing that is needed. The Life Force Energy will flow freely through you, clearing any blockages it encounters on it’s way (trapped emotions, negative beliefs, traumas etc…). 


A profound rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system happens when one trusts and surrenders to this Inner Force.


When Kundalini is awakened, it can lead to a range of benefits, including:

  • Increased energy and vitality 

  • Heightened awareness and intuition

  • Deeper connection to the Divine

  • Greater creativity and inspiration

  • Expanded consciousness

  • Increased compassion and empathy

  • Release of trauma and trapped emotions

  • Liberation


It's important to note that Kundalini Activation can also bring about challenging experiences, such as emotional upheaval or physical discomfort. It's important to work with a trained practitioner or teacher who can guide you through the process and support you through any challenges that arise.

Ultimately, this process is not something you can easily explain with words as it’s something one has to experience to truly understand it.

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